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Inspired by Shaq, the Bridehive was formed while planning her wedding events in the spring of 2016. Shaq was a Beyoncé fan and as her bridesmaids obviously we were huge fans of hers; chosen to help bring her vision to light. So what better choice than to get in FORMATION and call ourselves the BRIDEHIVE. The #Great8 consisted of lifelong friends that had known Shaq for 10 + years. While collaborating for her bachelorette trip to CABO, Mexico in July 2016 the #HIVE came up with all sorts of fun ideas such as our Bridehive swimsuits, personalized jerseys and Cabo themed outfits. The Bridehive continued to grow with Shaq’s wedding events. Every step towards 9/2 was a chance for the #Hive to create everlasting memories. 

After some great girl talk one day we figured what's better than helping other women capture and create their memories. There wasn’t a lane for brides and bridesmaids events/goodies so why not create our OWN LANE! Therefore Bridehive was established and trademarked in Sept 2016. Bridehive is a business of creativity and convenience. We specialize in customized bride and bridesmaid apparel as well as Bachelorette trip planning and Honeymoon planning services. So if you’re ready to start your journey and you want it to be unforgettable HireTheHive.

Stay Gracious